TLC Class Desciptions

Infants and Toddlers
Our trained staff and volunteers provide first-rate loving care for infants and toddlers. Along with play rooms and a crib room for sleeping babies, we have a nursing moms’ room, where the message can be viewed live. Pagers are available so each parent may be contacted anywhere on the church grounds. Infants and Toddlers are found in the Lamb’s Fold, Bird’s Nest and Lady Bug’s Leaf at Trinity Church during all Worship Services.

Preschool – Kids Age 2 through Pre-Kindergarten
Our preschool staff of adults and trained student assistants prepares meaningful experiences for preschoolers using the interest-center approach to learning. Stories, puppets, games, music, art and dramatic play make these classes fun. The dedicated staff on Sunday mornings make a safe place for young ones to learn to love learning about God!

We also have periodic special events designed for preschoolers and their families. These provide fun times for kids and parents alike and help the children learn that church is a great place to be.

Elementary – Kids in Kindergarten through 5th Grade
Trinity Learning Center is a popular place with kids. Every Sunday morning they pile into classrooms for special sessions of creative learning. Our dedicated staff uses various curricula to provide a balanced, informal learning environment in the context of close relationships. Kids enjoy examining God’s Word through music, drama, special guests – and lots of surprises!

  • 8:00 am Service: Kindergarten-2nd Grade and 3rd-5th Grade classes available
  • 9:30 am Service: Kindergarten, Kids Church (1st-3rd Grade), LINK Boys & LINK Girls (4th-5th Grade) classes available
  • 11:15 am Service: Individual Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Grade classes and  LINK-ed Up (4th-5th Grade boys/girls) classes available. There are plenty of “beyond church” activities as well. Join us for family movie premiere events, kids’ musicals, outreaches, Kids Fun Night, summer camp, and bring-a-friend activities