TLC Has Been a Blessing in My Life…

My name is Dawn Osuna. I am married to Frank and we have two daughters, Sarah and Elizah. This is our 10th year attending Trinity Church. Sarah, my oldest daughter, has worked her way through Trinity Learning Center (TLC) starting in 1st grade all the way through 5th grade. In Middle School Sarah participated and graduated from Super Sitters. She is currently in 9th grade and has returned to serve in TLC since 6th grade. Elizah, my youngest daughter, is in the 5th grade and started in TLC as an infant in the nursery. She has had the opportunity to be part of three musicals. Frank is one of the supervisors during the 2nd service at 9:15 am. He also has helped by teaching classes during Camp TLC. I have been involved in the TLC programs for over nine years.

During the past nine years I have had the benefit of serving in TLC in many different capacities. I have been involved in: teaching and coordinating electives at Camp TLC, teaching in TLC classrooms from helping in 1st grade, K2KC, KIDS Church, 2nd grade, and currently I am blessed by the LINK girl’s class. Musicals have been a great time and the first musical I was able to help with was when Sarah was in 1st grade. I had the chance to help with set painting, and my then 2 year old, Elizah, helped paint. Recently I was able to help with a musical that Elizah was involved in. I was able to help the girls backstage with their hair and makeup. This musical was most special because, not only was Elizah in the show, I also got to help, as well as Sarah and Frank. This was a family project.

TLC has been a blessing to my family because we have been drawn together to serve together. TLC has been a place where my girls have been given a foundation in Christ and teachings that reinforce our beliefs here at home. I am grateful for TLC and am honored and privileged to be part of it. ~Dawn Osuna

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