Serving Through the Generations

“It is not my ability, but my response to God’s ability, that counts.” – Corrie ten Boom

“God loves you, and I have a wonderful plan for your life.” While those words from our good friend Jeanie Osterberg have often pushed us out of our comfort zone, they also have impacted our lives and the lives of countless others in incredible ways. With Jeanie, we have had the privilege to study God’s Word, travel on mission trips, and serve in ministry, and even after knowing her for many years, she continues to surprise and amaze us. She is a woman of vision, of tremendous energy, of creativity, and an upbeat attitude. She is able to see potential for ministry in others, regardless of age, and create an excitement for serving God.

She has helped to birth ministries that meet the needs of special groups of children such as the 5th and 6th grade JAM, the 4th and 5th grade LINK, and Kings’ Kids. She has never viewed the children’s ministry as a “necessary” program just so the parents could come to worship on Sunday mornings. Instead, the spiritual lives of children has been her emphasis. She has a saying, “It is the same big Holy Spirit living in these kids.” It has been her passion to give many opportunities for children to accept Jesus as their Savior and to learn to listen to that “big Holy Spirit” living within them.

Although we have known Jeanie in many ways and are exceedingly thankful for that, it is her ministry to children that has touched us most deeply because our own children benefitted from this very passion. We cannot reflect on what it was like being the recipient of this ministry, but we thank our Lord that our children can. Every one of them can tell of the impact Jeanie and the Children’s Ministry of Trinity has had on their lives. We cannot think of a better way to tell Jeanie thank you than to give one of our children the opportunity to tell her herself. And so we will let Hannah Pavoni (Pagel) take over from here. Thanks Jeanie…we love you! ~Joyce

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