Growing Up in TLC…

I can’t remember much of my childhood without Jeanie in it. It is almost like she’s been there since day one. I always felt like Jeanie saw into my inner self. She knew who I was and who I was capable of becoming through Christ. What made this so important was her desire to be a part of it all. She encouraged and challenged me just as if she was my own mother. I remember rehearsing for a Christmas musical and her pushing me with my solos. I never once felt like she pushed me too much. I understood that she knew what I could do and it was a great feeling to hear that very familiar phrase at our last dress rehearsal, “We have a show!” All that she pushed me towards gave me a purpose – I felt like I had something to give.

It has been such a blessing to grow up through Jeanie’s multi-faceted ministry. Not only did she reach out to me as a child, but as a middle and high schooler and even today as an adult. She challenged me to go outside of my comfort zone in high school and even put her daughter, Crystal Langer, and me in charge of the children’s camp she could no longer attend in Honduras. When she handed over the reigns for that responsibility, I was very anxious. Still, she knew we could do it and, by God’s grace, we ran a great camp. When I returned home from college, Jeanie was the first to mention the Literacy Specialist job at Micah House to me. She encouraged me to look into it and when I got the job, she came to visit me to see how it was coming.

Jeanie has played a big part in who I am today. I chose to go into elementary education, because of her role in my life. My love for music and the performing arts were partly because of her nurturing my abilities in those areas. I also believe that my growth at Micah House would not be where it is today if she hadn’t been there to encourage and challenge me. I can’t thank her enough for her ministry. I will be forever grateful for her dedication to my spiritual and emotional growth.
~Hannah Pavoni

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me.” Mark 9:37

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